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Rattle Socks

Babies Love Boogie Toes!

Baby Sensory Rattle Socks

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Boogie Toes rattle socks are just as adorable as they are wearable. In an array of great designs and colours with safe and securely attached rattle toys fixed to the sock.


Boogie Toes look cute, are entertaining and stay put!


The sensory rattle attachments on these socks assist baby to develop basic hand-eye coordination, providing your baby with reason to move their hands and feet in ways that cause the rattle to sound.


The grippy soles are perfect for new crawlers/walkers and the gentle rattle lets parents keep tabs on where young explorers go!

Breathable 80% Combed Cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex. Super stretchy and sure to grow with kids!

In helping protect the planet, Boogie Toes materials are OEKO Certified, and the anti-slip is made from super soft (and eco-friendly) silica gel. Rattle socks are also great babywear for keeping your babies toes warm and cosy.

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