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Tinies is the online trading name of Little Ducklings, a boutique baby and toddler clothing store in Bedfordshire. The idea was borne out of frustration at a lack of choice in the local area and experiencing the challenges involved in taking a baby / toddler on a trip to an out of town shopping centre!

We excitedly (and nervously!) opened our doors in July 2021, wondering if we were crazy to be starting a new business at a time of such uncertainty. We are very lucky to be part of an amazing local community who love to support small businesses.

Tinies currently caters for babies and young children from newborn to the age of five.

We try to keep our offerings relevant and most importantly affordable, as parents ourselves we know how expensive it can be to keep our tinies clothed!

Please do come and visit us at Little Ducklings or browse our online store and we hope there is an item or two that you would like to add to your basket.


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