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What Can I Gift a Newborn Baby?

Updated: Jan 22

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a joyous occasion, and finding the perfect gift to celebrate this special moment can be equally delightful. Whether you're attending a baby shower or visiting the new parents, selecting a thoughtful and practical gift is a wonderful way to convey your love and best wishes. In this post, we'll explore a variety of popular new baby gift ideas that are sure to bring smiles to both parents and the little one.

Man holding a new baby

1. Keepsakes: Cherishing Memories Forever

Photo frames and albums, soft toys, memory books and boxes, special blankets and milestone cards are timeless gifts that can be cherished for years to come. It is increasingly popular to gift personalised items, with names, birth dates and weights inscribed or embroidered onto these pieces.

2. Gift Stylish and Comfortable Baby Clothing: Dressing the Newborn Arrival

New parents will always appreciate an addition to their baby's wardrobe. Opt for stylish and comfortable clothing in neutral tones or adorable prints. Brands like Kite, Dandelion Clothing, Toby Tiger, Lily & Jack or John Lewis offer a delightful range of good quality baby clothes that combine comfort with a touch of fashion. Remember to consider the season and age when choosing outfits – whether it's cosy sleepsuits for winter or lightweight rompers for the summer months. If unsure, you can’t go wrong with a classic sleepsuit and cardigan combination or layette gift set. Bibs and socks will also make a wonderful, inexpensive gift. Layering is key in those first precious months.

3. Teething Aids: Thinking Ahead

Whilst almost all babies are born without teeth, in only a few months time those first teeny teeth will start pushing their way through into those gorgeous gummy smiles. The teething process can be painful for both the baby and their parents! Help the breakthrough process by gifting a good, safety approved teething toy from a quality brand such as Cheeky Chompers or Nuby. A sterilised food grade silicone teether for baby to chew on can help with the discomfort of painful gums and can even help the teeth break through quicker. 

Smiling baby in a towel

4. Nurturing Baby Skincare Sets: Pampering the Little One

Pamper the newborn bundle of joy with a gentle and nourishing but gentle baby skincare gift set. Brands like Childs Farm and Aveeno offer organic and hypoallergenic options that are perfect for delicate baby skin. Choose a set that includes baby lotion, wash, shampoo, and gentle cleansing wipes. This thoughtful gift not only cares for the baby's skin but also provides the parents with essential products for their daily routine.

5. Story-time Adventures: Building a Library

Introduce the love of reading early on by giving a collection of classic baby books. Consider timeless tales like "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney or "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter. A beautifully illustrated book set or a personalised baby storybook adds a special touch to the baby's first library and encourages parents to create cherished bedtime routines with these literary treasures.

6.Newborn Baby Blankets: Gift Wrap Them in Warmth and Love

A beautiful, snuggly baby blanket is a useful and cosy gift that can be treasured for years to come. You could showcase your crafting skills by knitting or crocheting a blanket yourself, or explore local shops and boutiques for their blanket and wrap options. Choose soft and breathable materials such as Kite’s organic cotton snuggly blankets and cuddle wraps to keep the little one snug during nap time, cellular blankets for newborns and the hotter climes or a 3 in one travel blanket from Cheeky Chompers, particularly useful for baby slings and carriers.

7. Educational Toys: Playtime for Growing Minds

Invest in the baby's early learning with age-appropriate educational toys. Consider soft sensory toys for newborns or colourful activity gyms that promote visual and tactile development. Brands like Lamaze and Fisher-Price offer a wide range of toys designed to engage and stimulate a young baby's growing mind. Parents will appreciate the thoughtful gesture of contributing to their little one's cognitive development.

baby cuddling a teddy

8. Plush Toys: A Gift to Cherish for Years

Among the myriad options available, a plush toy stands out as a timeless and thoughtful choice for several reasons, offering comfort, sensory stimulation, and a touch of cuddly companionship that can benefit both the baby and their parents. Babies are known to find comfort in soft objects, and a plush toy becomes a source of emotional support during times when they need reassurance or simply seek a soft, huggable friend. The adaptability of soft toys makes them a lasting and cherished presence throughout the different phases of a baby's growth. Remember to check the age suitability of the plush toy to ensure that your gift is safety accredited and age appropriate.

Celebrating the Joy of New Beginnings

Choosing the perfect new baby gift involves a blend of thoughtfulness and practicality. Whether it's a personalised keepsake, stylish clothing, or toys, your gift is a reflection of the joy and excitement that comes with welcoming a new life. Remember, it's the sentiment behind the gift that truly matters, and your effort to make the occasion special will be appreciated by the new parents.

Happy gifting!

Sleeping new baby


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