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Sleepsuits, Bodysuits, Footies, Babygros & Rompers

Newborn Clothing Staples

Sleepsuits, Babygrows, All-in-Ones, Rompers, Onesies......

Whatever you call them, they are without doubt an essential part of baby's wardrobe!


A babygrow, babygro, sleepsuit, or sleep suit in British English is a one-piece item of baby clothing with long sleeves and legs used for sleep and everyday wear. They are typically made from cotton and closed with snaps, although they may also be made from fleece or closed with zips.

A sleepsuit is an all in one item of clothing which is compliant with nightwear regulations and is safe for your baby to sleep overnight in. We offer a selection of sleepsuits in both regular and organic cotton, with snap/press stud / popper fastenings or zip fastenings. The majority of our sleepsuit range is designed in the UK and manufactured in Portugal or Turkey.


We also offer a range of all in ones / rompers, both footed or footless, in cotton and acrylic knit for the cooler weather.

Footed rompers are perfect for keeping those little toes warm, particularly for newer babies or those who like to remove their socks at every given opportunity!

Footless rompers are fantastic for the long legged cuties paired with socks and for all babies in the warmer weather to help avoid overheating.


For the best of both worlds we stock a range with foldover feet and hands.

Image by Jordan Nix
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